Find out what "Jesus is Enough/Genoeg" means

In 2013, while in prayer the LORD gave me this dynamic message which means the same, both in Afrikaans and English. The design team endeavored for several days to make the background fully orange , however the Heart shaped sun reflected in the background on the Cross could not be removed, Manifested by itself.

JESUS said, " It is Finished . " With that , HE bowed his head and gave up his spirit.(John 19 : 30)

Blou letters lees, JESUS IS GENOEG

Purple letters reads, JESUS IS ENOUGH

JESUS IS (Johannes 3 : 16)

JESUS IS (John 14 : 6)

CHRISTUS IS GENOEG (2 Korinthiers 12 : 9)

CHRIST IS ENOUGH (Philippians 4 : 19)


JESUS IS ENOUGH (Psalm 40 : 2)

Letter O , sometimes the challenges of life makes people feel like a ZERO , just look up to CALVARY , GRACE , from where our help comes from. (Psalm 121)
JESUS your Birth ; Crucifixion ; Death ; Burial and Resurrection is a MIRACLE of miracles (Romans 14 : 11)